Spencer King

Spencer King Headshot

Spencer King

Atlanta, GA
5' 11"
Left Fulback / Left Mid
Points per game
Assists per game
Rebounds per game

Spencer is a Junior at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. He started playing soccer at two years old in the front yard with his big brother, who is two years older.  He is also an accomplished basketball player, and played for both his school and recreational teams.  It is Spencer’s goal to continue his soccer career in college.

In additional to being a multi-sport athlete, Spencer has worked at Camp High Harbour at Lake Allatoona, Georgia as a YMCA Camp Counselor.  He is responsible for the care of 15 campers in his cabin, as well as the other 175 campers who attend each week during the summer.  He is proficient in water sports, rock climbing and hiking.

Spencer is enrolled in honors level courses at Woodward Academy.  He has consistently earned the distinction of Silver Eagle for maintaining over a 3.5 GPA.

Spencer plays for the top team at the Inter Atlanta FC in Atlanta, Georgia and is a starter.  In the past, he has participated on ODP teams and also regional teams through Georgia Alliance.  He made his varsity school team at Woodward Academy and was a starter as a sophomore.  He has attended various soccer camps.  Spencer is left foot dominate.  Because of his speed on the pitch, Spencer is a versatile player, and coaches have utilized him in the left fullback, left mid, attacking mid, and left forward positions.

In addition to being a very personable, athletic young man, Spencer also demonstrates a very strong work ethic. He is dedicated, focused, and gets along well with coaches and players.  He is an excellent student and is able to organize and balance the many responsibilities given to him.  He would very much like to apply what he has learned, on and off the field, to a college soccer team.