Destiny Garcia

Destiny Garcia Headshot

Destiny Garcia

5' 7"
Utility Player
Atlanta Premier
Points per game
Assists per game
Rebounds per game

  • Throws Right/ Hits Left
  • Speed from home to first: 2.7
  • Utility Player
    • Favorite Positions Centerfield/ 2nd/ Short
  • Highest Batting Average in The County Freshman YearWestern Conference Team Sophomore Year
  • Completed Over 200+ Volunteer Hours at the YMCA and other local charities
  • Eligible to graduate after junior year due to credit completion

I was a dual athlete most of my childhood. I competed in gymnastics throughout the highest competitive level while playing travel softball. I ultimately fell in love with the game and have put my entire focus on softball. My speed and agility have allowed for me to learn and excel at nearly all positions. I am a leader on and off the field. I am both the captain of my high school and my travel ball teams, as well as, a Team Lead in my current job. I strive to absorb all of the knowledge that I can from all coaches that I encounter. I am fortunate to have attended camps and clinics all over the country. My strategic analysis and knowledge of the game allow me to contribute to my teammates in high-stress games.

I want to pursue softball at the collegiate level where I can continue to learn and grow as both an athlete and a person.