Bo French

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Bo French

Brighton, Colorado
5' 10"
Outside Hitter
Five Star 17 Black
Points per game
Assists per game
Rebounds per game

I have played volleyball since I was about 8 years old, I’m now 17 years old and have continued to love, learn and grow with the sport. Moving from Great Britain when I was 6 years old I had no idea what opportunities America had in store for me! Today I aspire to play at a collegiate level, to continue to love and learn the game. I’ve played at the same volleyball club for the last 3 years, played up for the 17s team when I was 16 years old, and have always played on the highest team for my age group.

I think of myself as a positive leader in any team I play for. I lift my team mates up by encouraging them, whether that be playing for my high school or for the competitive team. I just completed my Junior year at Brighton High School, where I received my 2nd year Varsity Letter for volleyball.

I always try to be a good team mate, the hardest working player and always strive to be a very coach able athlete.

I’m hoping to attend a college to pursue a degree in Occupational Therapy, I like to help others and would feel like I have helped someone get back to full fitness and help aid them in recovery. I would love to attend a college that I can also push myself physically, I’m open to all opportunities and ultimately want to find the right college for me, with the highest level of volleyball competition possible.

My recent club Coach said the following ‘I’ve been lucky enough to coach Bo in multiple club seasons and during that time I’ve seen her grow in every aspect of the game. Bo has a strong service game, and whether she is hitting outside or opposite she is a smart-hitter and can make a huge impact. Bo is a good defensive player as well, and her passing has been a thing that is a little inconsistent but has improved year over year and I still see room for growth…with that said, she has a great attitude and is always open to constructive criticism. Bo is a player/person I would always take on a team, she gets excited for teammates good play almost more than she does for her own play. I wish I had more like her to coach’ P.Farrier